kik dion

As a musician it is a non-stop rise and fall towards creating something that surprises and moves the listeners. This site will show you some of the results.

At the age of 17 I decided to pick up the double bass. Brought up by jazz, improvised music and pop, I’m still exploring the great possibilities of me & my instrument every day along with an almost countless number of other musicians.

I teach double bass at the Jazz & Pop department  of the ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem.

Video of this month: Utrechtse Jazz Archipel performing ‘Computer says no’ by Mees Siderius during Culturele Zondag at TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht on September 16 2018


What’s new

  • HOT is preparing Reflexions on Duke: Ellington with pipe organ, clarinet, double bass and…trumpet & trombone.
  • De Oerknal! New series of workshops starting on March 17th in Het Muziekhuis in Utrecht. Send me a mail if you want to participate.



  • March 28, Bass night @ ArtEZ Arnhem, concert hall, Arnhem 19.00
  • April 3, Duo Vermeerssen/Nijland, ArtEZ Conservatory, 19.00
  • April 5, Colen’s A Birds Eye ViewNationaal Park Dwingelderveld, 19.15
  • April 6, Utrechtse Jazz Archipel, Transition Festival, Urtecht, 16.00
  • April 12, Duo Ruben Drenth/Dion, Akoesticum, Ede