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Welcome at my website. I’m a musician, double bass player, teacher and composer. I participate in bands and projects that involve jazz, world music and improvised music. I teach double bass at ArtEZ, conservatory in Arnhem.

Under CURRENT PROJECTS you can read about my most active bands.

What’s new


  • Release CD Bird & Beyond by HOT (Het Orgel Trio) on September 10 2016 in The Nicolaï Church in Utrecht.
  • Vanbinsbergen Playstation booked at North Sea Jazz 2016!
  • New cd Vanbinsbergen Playstation Tales without Words coming up in Autumn.
  • Nice reviews new CD Live Vanbinsbergen Playstation. Read more.
  • The Chronometer’s Orchestra: Zappa meets…euh..Zacharias Falkenberg. Watch this.


Upcoming shows