kik dionAs a musician there is a lot to discover every day. Musical sounds and shapes might suddenly appear and become part of larger whole. Feel free to enter!

At the age of 17 I decided to pick up the double bass. Brought up by pop, jazz and improvised music, I’m still exploring the great possibilities of me & my instrument every day with a big bunch of other musicians.

What’s new

  • Improvised Etudes: my home recordings on an irregular basis. Listen.
  • Four 4-stars reviews in Jazzism, Trouw, Het Parool and Dagblad vh Noorden. Plus more very nice reviews CD Bird & Beyond from HOT. Read here.
  • De Bende van Drie presents Tightrope. Watch trailer.
  • Vanbinsbergen Playstation presents ‘Tales without Words’ . Nice review in Het Parool.
  • Chronometer’s Orchestra debut-cd full of awkward & compelling musical stuff.



  • 26 August, Playstation, ZJFT Groningen, 12.30
  • 30 August, Trio LeClercq/Brinkman/Nijland, ArtEZ (Arnhem), 13.00
  • 8 September, Playstation, Paradox, Tilburg, 20.30
  • 9 September, HOT, Nationale Orgeldag, Maastricht, 19.00
  • 10 September, HOT, Luthersekerk, Apeldoorn, 12.00
  • 29 September, De Bende van Drie, Salon De IJzerstaven, Amsterdam, 20.30
  • 30 September, HOT, Jan Welmersfestival, Willibrorduskerk, Utrecht, 13.30
  • 1 October, HOT, Abdijkerk, Heeswijk, 16.00