As a musician it is a non-stop rise and fall towards creating something that surprises and moves the listeners. This site will show you some of the results.

At the age of 17 I decided to pick up the double bass. Brought up by jazz, improvised music and pop, I’m still exploring the great possibilities of me & my instrument every day along with an almost countless number of other musicians.

I teach double bass at the Jazz & Pop department  of the ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem.


  • I recently joined a new initiative: GIST is a collective of musicians from Utrecht. September 3rd the first GIST Festival will take place! More info will follow soon.
  • I am preparing a cd with double bass only. After having spend two full days of recording at Studio Peggy 51, I’m now choosing the ‘true tracks’.
  • HOT is invited to play in Swiss again. Concert on July 26 2020 in Bellelay.
  • DEON was invited by U Jazz and TivoliVredenburg to to do a concert. It was released on Youtube on June 27th 2020. Watch here.
  • Buisonic played at the beautiful Bethlehem Church in Amsterdam. It was broadcasted on Youtube.

Upcoming concerts…

  • 27 June, DEON, TivoliVredenburg, streamed concert
  • 10 July, Buisonic, Bethlehemkerk, Amsterdam
  • 18 July, HOT (trio), Refelections of Bird & Duke, Predikherenkerk, Leuven
  • 26 July, HOT (trio), Reflections of Bird & Duke, Bellelay (Swiss)
  • 14 August, Buisonic, Plusetage, Baarla-Nassau
  • 15 August, Buisonic, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
  • 3 September, GIST FestivalDEON (amongs others) Museum Speelklok, Utrecht
  • 6 September, Colen, A Bird’s Eye View, De Vermaning, Zaandam, 15.00