Photo: Allard Willems

”The wonderful eagerness with which Nijland explores the possibilities of his instrument is contagious and leaves you wanting more.”

Dion teaches double bass at the Jazz & Pop department  of the ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem.


  • DEON will make recordings for a ‘cd’ somewhere in June and HOT will do the same in May, recording Sweelinck as starting point for a contemporary view on his ‘song variations’.
  • Dion’s solo-cd I PLAY ME has been reviewed more then 10 times in De Volkskrant, Trouw, Jazzism, Jazznu and more. A highlight quote session can be witnessed here.
  • HOT (Het Orgel Trio) has composed a new program with music based in the ‘song book’ of Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck. Watch & listen to Pavana Lachrimae (arrangment by Berry van Berkum).
  • GIST is a collective of musicians from Utrecht. September 3rd 2020 the first GIST Festival took place! Gist will continue at the Museum Speelklok from September 2021 on. 2 more concerts to go in 2022: March 17 (Ad Colen) & April 7 (Mark Lotz Trio & Raphael Vanoli)

upcoming concerts

  • March 11, MOA (Koen Boeijinga), Orgelpark, Amsterdam, 20.00
  • March 17, VOGEL (Ad Colen), Tjilp! (organized by GIST), Museum Speelklok, Utrecht, 19.30
  • March 26, INDRA, Herinneringscentrum Sophiahof, Den Haag, 20.15
  • March 27, INDRA, Theater De Mess, Naarden, 15.30
  • April 7, I PLAY ME, solo set, De Ruimte, Amsterdam 20.30
  • May 7, TTTT (Tale Tellers from a Timeless Tribe (Dion as guest)), De Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam, 20.30
  • May 14, HOT & Brass, Reflections of Duke, Orgelpark, Amsterdam, 20.00

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