I PLAY ME – solo double bass cd

I PLAY ME is a project for solo double bass conceptualized and performed by Dion Nijland.

In 19 pieces, mainly improvised and a few composed, Dion shows where musical self exploration can lead. ‘When I play there is sound, energy, chaos, silence. When I play there is me – I PLAY ME.’

As a double bass player, participating in many Dutch jazz and improvising groups, musical interaction has always been the key element in Dion’s musical behaviour. But how would a recording sound when interaction takes place with no one else but himself?

I PLAY ME is released in June 2021 on Trytone and promoted by Toondist.

The press
‘Nijland playfully crosses through the purgatory of double bass doubts , quick-witted and dancing even.‘ Bad Alchemy, Rigobert Dittmann (

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